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Department Governing Boards

The Department Council is the main body of the Deparment. All the official deliberations of the Department are taken with majority vote of the Council. The Director chairs all the monthly sessions of the Council.

The following persons of the Department staff are members of the Council:

  • 14 full professors
  • 23 associate professors
  • 21 assistant professors
  • a representative of post-docs
  • a representative of the non-academic staff (Carmela Senatore)
  • two representative of the PhD students
  • 8 representatives of the students (at least 15% of the memebers of the council)

The Department Board is the body that supports the Director in the management of the Department.

– Prof. Eduardo Rossi, Full Professor – Director
– Prof.ssa Anna Maria Moisello, Associate Professor – Vice- Director
– Prof. Patrizio Tirelli, Full Professor
– Prof.ssa Antonella Zucchella, Full Professor
– Prof.ssa Birgit Hagen, Associate Professor
– Prof.ssa Claudia Tarantola, Associate Professor
– Dott. Elisa Caprari, RA