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Tutorship call "Progetti speciali 2023/2024"

The call for tutoring "Progetti speciali 2023/2024" has been published. All interested students can find the call and any other useful information at the link (page in Italian)
Interested students can apply by 12 pm (noon) on Wednesday 15 November. The collaboration activity supports the academic career of specific students:
- students with disabilities or SLD (ECON Line 0 project)
- working students, students involved in the care of their family members, student parents, entitled to the modalities inclusive didactics (ECON Line 1 project)
- students at risk of dropping out (ECON Line 2 project)
Those who fall into the following categories at the deadline of the call are eligible to participate: a) students who are enrolled, in the academic year 2023/24, in an "in corso" position in the Master's degree courses, or in the 4th-5th-6th year of the Single-Cycle Master's Degree courses of the University of Pavia; b) students graduating at the University of Pavia who are enrolled in an "ongoing" position, in the academic year 2022/23, in the last year of a Master's Degree/Single-Cycle Degree at the University of Pavia; c) students enrolled, in the academic year 2023/24, in PhDs of the University of Pavia.