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Master in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics – MEDEA

master Medea: locandina

The MEDEA Master (first and second level) is designed and managed in collaboration with Eni, with the aim of investigating the management issues of companies operating in the energy and environmental sector. The Master offers participants a unique opportunity for excellent training in an international and interdisciplinary context.

The program is aimed at students holding economic and technical degrees and is characterized by a highly effective placement. The Master has a cross-cutting nature, and students find an occupation in all areas of the energy and environmental sector (administration, finance and control, international strategies and relations, contracts, trading, analysis and risk management, energy transition and decarbonization and, for those students with a background in the hard sciences, engineering, product technology, traditional and green refining, electricity generation, safety and environmental protection).

For more information on educational objectives, course program and careers, see the website

The two Master’s levels target different profiles.

The First level is aimed at candidates preferably with foreign citizenship and a Bachelor’s Degree. Work experience in the energy sector is also preferential.
The call for admission with all the info on the profile and the instructions on how to apply are available on this page and at this link (deadline: April 30, 2024)

The Second level is aimed at candidates preferably with Italian citizenship who have a Master’s Degree (title to be awarded within July 31, 2024).
The call for admission and the instructions on how to apply are available on this page and at this link.   (deadline: May, 15 2024).

The application for admission must be made on the UniPV website as well as on the Eni website.

Eni offers full scholarships and other benefits for all the selected candidates.

Coordinator of the Master: Marcella Nicolini