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Seminario: From Theory to Practice -- Diego M. Franzin, Vincenzo Creanza

seminar flyer: From Theory to Practice - economics management Pavia

Dear students,
We are glad to invite you to attend the next “From Theory to Practice” seminar, a specially designed
for Finance students (first and second year).
The speakers for the next seminar will be Diego M. Franzin, Co-Founder and Head of Portfolio
Strategies at Plenisfer Investments, and Vincenzo Creanza, Chief Risk Officer at Plenisfer
The topic of this first seminar will be “Alpha Expedition: Navigating the Frontier of Investment
Opportunities in a Liquid, Active, Multi-Asset Portfolio”.
The speakers will present:

(i) A brief summary of trends in the asset management industry, focusing on UCITs liquid funds;

(ii) Exploring investment opportunities and sharing our experience, with some examples;

(iii) Portfolio construction and risk management, blending theory with practical examples based on current and prospective contexts.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 13 March in aula FL at 11 am.