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Working Papers Series 2012-2014

#92 (10-14) – Castagnetti C., Rossi E., Trapani L. “Testing for no factor structures: on the use of average-type and Hausman-type statistics”

#91 (09-14) – Capelli C., Vaggi G. "Why Gross National Disposable Income should substitute Gross National Income"

#90 (09-14) – Botta A., Godin A., Missaglia M. Finance, “Foreign (Direct) Investment and Dutch Disease: The Case of Colombia”

#89 (09-14) – Botta A. “The Macroeconomics of a Financial Dutch Disease”

#88 (09-14) – Castagnetti C., Rossi E., Trapani L. “Inference on Factor Structures in Heterogeneous Panels”

#87 (09-14) – Cerchiello P., Giudici P. Conditional graphical models for systemic risk measurement

#86 (09-14) – Cerchiello P., Giudici P. “Financial big data analysis for the estimation of systemic risks” (DEMWP0086)

#85 (09-14) – Anokhina M., Penikas H., Petrov V. “Identifying SIFI Determinants for Global Banks and Insurance Companies: Implications for D-SIFIs in Russia”

#84 (07-14) – Rampa G., “Saraceno M. Beliefs and Precedent: The Dynamics of Access to Justice

#83 (07-14) – Baiardi D., Bianchi C., Lorenzini E. “Food competition in world markets: some evidence from a panel data analysis of top exporting countries”

#82 (07-14) – Fantazzini D., Maggi M. “Proposed Coal Power Plants and Coal-To-Liquids Plants: Which Ones Survive and Why?”

#81 (06-14) – Bertoletti P., Etro F. “A General Theory of Endogenous Market Structures”

#80 (06-14) – Flamini A., Milas C. “Open-economy Distribution Forecast Targeting, Macroeconomic Volatility and Financial Implications”

#79 (06-14) – Etro F., Rossi L. “New-Keynesian Phillips Curve with Bertrand Competition and Endogenous Entry”

#78 (05-14) – Tramontana F., Avrutin V. “Complex endogenous dynamics in a one-sector growth model with differential savings”

#77 (05-14) – Pace S. “Risk of loss towards an agent based model”

#76 (04-14) – Avrutin V., Sushko I., Tramontana F. “Bifurcation structure in a bimodal piecewise linear business cycle model”

#75 (04-14) – Giorgi G., Zuccotti C. “Some Extensions of the class of K-matrices: A Survey and Some Economic Applications”

#74 (03-14) – Baiardi D., Bianchi C., Lorenzini E. “The price and income elasticities of the top clothing exporters: Evidence from a panel data analysis”

#73 (03-14) – Vaggi G., Stefanini S. “On open identity; otherness, distance and self-command; Smith and the view of justice“

#72 (03-14) – La Croce C., Rossi L. “Endogenous Entry, Banking, and Business Cycle”

#71 (03-14) – Etro F., Rossi L. “Staggered Price Setting, Bertrand Competition and Optimal Monetary Policy”

#70 (03-14) – Giorgi G., Zuccotti C.” Considerazioni Didattiche sui Sistemi Omogenei di Equazioni Differenziali Lineari del 1° Ordine a Coefficienti Costanti”

#69 (02-14) – Cerchiello P., Giudici P. “How to measure the quality of financial tweets”

#68 (02-14) – Florio A., Gobbi A. “Learning the Fiscal-Monetary Interaction under Trend Inflation”

#67 (02-14) – Bianchi C., Lorenzini E. “The growth performance and prospects in the Euro area: a balance-of-payments approach”

#66 (01-14) – Castagnetti C., Rossi E., Trapani L. “A Two-Stage Estimator for Heterogeneous Panel Models with Common Factors”

#65 (01-14) – Bagna E., Di Martino G., Rossi D. “An anatomy of the Level 3 fair-value hierarchy discount”

#64 (01-14) – Figini S., Maggi M. “Performance of credit risk prediction models via proper loss functions”

#63 (01-14) – Ahelegbey D., Giudici P. “Hierarchical graphical models, with application to systemic risk”

#62 (12-13) – Capelli C., Vaggi G. “A better indicator of standards of living: The Gross National Disposable Income”

#61 (12-13) – Bertoletti P., Etro F. “Pricing to Market in the Krugman Model”

#60 (12-13) – Baiardi D., Bianchi C., Lorenzini E. “Food Competition in World Markets: Some Evidence from a panel data analysis of top exporting countries”

#59 (11-13) – Lijoi A., Nipoti B. “A class of hazard rate mixtures for combining survival data from different experiments”

#58 (11-13) – Forlani E., Lodigiani L., Mendolicchio C. “The Impact of Low-Skilled Immigration on Female Labour Supply”

#57 (11-13) – De Feo G., De Luca G. “Mafia in the ballot box”

#56 (11-13) – Amerighi A., De Feo G. “Competition for FDI and profit shifting: on the effects of subsidies and tax breaks”

#55 (11-13) – Bertoletti P., Etro F. “Monopolistic Competition when Income Matters”

#54 (10-13) – De Blasi P., Favaro S., Lijoi A., Mena R.H., Prunster I., Ruggiero M. “Are Gibbs–type priors the most natural generalization of the Dirichlet process?”

#53 (10-13) – Ascari G., Sbordone A.M. “The Macroeconomics of Trend Inflation”

#52 (10-13) – Giudici P., Spelta A. “Graphical network models for international financial flows”

#51 (09-13) – Balconi M., Lorenzi V., Saviotti P.P., Zucchella A. “Cognitive distance in research collaborations”

#50 (09-13) – Araùjo T., Spelta A. “Structural changes in cross-border liabilities: a multidimensional approach”

#49 (09-13) – Tramontana F. “Information exchange in a Cournot duopoly with nonlinear demand function”

#48 (07-13) – Dalla Valle L., De Giuli M.E., Manelli C., Tarantola C. “Default Probability Estimation via Pair Copula Constructions”

#47 (07-13) – Figini S., Gao L., Giudici P. “Bayesian operational risk models”

#46 (06-13) – Lijoi A., Nipoti B., Prünster I. “Dependent mixture models: clustering and borrowing information”

#45 (06-13) – Bottasso A., C. Castagnetti, Conti M. “R&D, innovation and knowledge spillovers: An empirical reappraisal based on cross sectional dependence”

#44 (05-13) – Botta A. “Conflicting Claims in the Eurozone? Austerity’s Myopic Logic and the Need for a European Federal Union in a post-Keynesian Eurozone Center-Periphery Model (new version)”

#43 (05-13) – Bertoletti P., Etro F. “Monopolistic Competition: A Dual Approach”

#42 (04-13) – Manera M., Nicolini M., Vignati I. “Futures price volatility in commodities markets: The role of short term vs long term speculation”

#41 (04-13) – Giorgi G., Zuccotti C. “Constraint qualifications for programming problems with axiomatic directional derivatives”

#40 (04-13) – Baiardi D., Bianchi C., Lorenzini E. “The Clothing Export Performance and Prospects for Advanced and Emerging Economies: Evidence from a Panel Data Analysis (new version)“

#39 (04-13) – Cerchiello P., Giudici P. “H Index: A Statistical Proposal”

#37 (03-13) – Pecora N., Spelta A. “Macroeconomic Stability and Heterogeneous Expectations”

#36 (03-13) – Ascari G., Pecora N., Spelta A. “Boom and Burst in Housing Market with Heterogeneous Agents (new version)”

#35 (03-13) – Calabrese R., Giudici P. “Estimating bank default with generalised extreme value models”

#34 (02-13) – Figini S., Giudici P. “Credit risk predictions with Bayesian model averaging”

#33 (02-13) – Campiglio E. “The structural shift to green services”

#32 (02-13) – Figini S., Giudici P. “Measuring risk with ordinal variables”

#31 (01-13) – Albonico A., Rossi L. “Policy Games, Distributional Conflicts and the Optimal Inflation (new version)”

#30 (01-13) – Cerchiello P., Giudici P. “Bayesian Credit Ratings (new version)”

#29 (01-13) – Tramontana F. “The role of cognitively biased imitators in a small scale agent-based financial market”

#28 (11-12) – Carton B. “Monetary-Policy Tradeoff in Overlapping Generations DSGE Models”

#27 (11-12) – Flamini A. “Interest Rate Forecasts in Inflation Targeting Open-Economies”

#26 (11-12) – Albonico A., Rossi L. “Policy Games with Distributional Conflicts”

#25 (11-12) – Flamini A., Ascari G., Rossi L. “Industrial Transformation, Heterogeneity in Price Stickiness, and the Great Moderation”

#24 (11-12) – Ascari G., Flamini A., Rossi L. “Nominal Rigidities, Supply Shocks and Economic Stability”

#23 (11-12) – Flamini A. “Heterogeneity in Sectoral Price Stickiness, Aggregate Dynamics and Monetary Policy Pitfalls with Real Shocks (new version)”

#22 (11-12) – Ascari G., Florio A. “Transparency, Expectations Anchoring and the Inflation Target”

#21 (11-12) – Ghalenos A., Rossi E., Urga G. “Independent Factor Autoregressive Conditional Density Model”

#20 (11-12) – Flamini A. “Open-economy Inflation Targeting Policies and Forecast Accuracy”

#19 (11-12) – Cerchiello P., Giudici P. “Bayesian Credit Rating Assessment”

#18 (11-12) – Caverzasi E. “From the Financial Instability Hypothesis to the theory of Capital Market Inflation: a structural interpretation of the sub-prime crisis”

#17 (11-12) – Rossi E., Santucci de Magistris P. “Estimation of long memory in integrated variance”

#16 (11-12) – Godin A. “Job Guarantee: a Structuralist Perspective”

#15 (11-12) – Rossi E., Fantazzini F. “Long memory and Periodicity in Intraday Volatility”

#14 (11-12) – Baiardi D., Puglisi R., Scabrosetti S. “Individual Attitudes on Food Quality and Safety: Empirical Evidence on EU Countries“

#13 (11-12) – De Feo G., Resende J., Sanin M.E. “Optimal Allocation of Tradable Emission Permits under Upstream-Downstream Strategic Interaction”

#12 (11-12) – Alderighi M., Gaggero A. “Do non-stop flights boost exports?”

#11 (10-12) – Botta A. “Conflicting Claims in the Eurozone? Austerity’s Myopic Logic and the Need for a European Federal Union in a post-Keynesian Eurozone Center-Periphery Model”

#10 (10-12) – Castagnetti C., Rosti L. “Unfair tournaments: gender stereotyping and wage discrimination among Italian graduates”

#09 (10-12) – Forlani E. “Irish firms’ productivity and Imported Inputs”

#08 (10-12) – Favari S., Lijoi A., Prünster I. “On the stick-breaking representation of normalized inverse Gaussian priors”

#07 (10-12) – Favari S., Lijoi A., Prünster I. “A new estimator of the discovery probability”

#06 (10-12) – Giorgi G., Guerraggio A. “Ruolo e uso dei vincoli di uguaglianza in problemi di ottimo con vincoli di disuguaglianza”

#05 (10-12) – Bertoletti P., Von Mouche P. “Inferior Factor in Cournot Oligopoly Revisited”

#04 (10-12) – Bertoletti P., Epifani P. “Monopolistic Competition: CES Redux?”

#03 (10-12) – Lorenzini E. “Innovation and e-commerce in clusters of small firms: The case of a regional e-marketplace”

#02 (09-12) – Castagnetti C., Rossi E., Trapani L. “Inference on Factor Structures in Heterogeneous Panels”

#01 (09-12) – Nicolini M., Scarpa C., Valbonesi P. “State Aid to Business in the European Union: a Focus on the Car Sector”